US Virgin Public Records – The Whole Guide

Having the Records of a person is now a necessity in our lives. And also, having birth certificates, death certificates, or any other certificate related to our personal lives has become an important part of our lives.

So, the US Virgin Public Records helps people to keep track of their Records. 

US Virgin Public Records
U.S. Virgin Public Records

Virgin Irelands are a group of Islands in the Caribbean. Moreover, they are the unincorporated territory of the United States.

The primary activities of these Irelands are rum manufacturing and tourism.

This territory has a population of more than 10600 residents. However, citizens of Ireland cannot vote in U.S. elections.

The U.S. Virgin government has also made law on sharing Public Records with its inhabitants.

What does the law of U.S. Virgin Public Records say? 

The law of U.S. Virgin Public Records says that every citizen of this territory has the right to access Public Records.

Requesters do not even need to state the purpose of why they need these Records. There are also no limitations on using these Records. 

Here is the list of records that are not accessible for the general Public :

  • Confidential Records of courts and statute
  • Medical Records
  • Students Records
  • Property Records
  • Security-related Records
  • Disabled adults abuse Record
  • Trade Records
  • Investigatory documents
  • Attorney work product

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What are the requirements to get a Public Record in the U.S. Virgin Island?

Generally, your request should contain the following information:

  • Your personal information such s name, phone number, email address, and mailing address
  • The name of the document which you want to access
  • How do you want your document to be delivered to you – Via mail or email
  • When do you want to get that document – Mention the date.

Arrest Records, criminal Records, and background checks in U.S. Virgin Islands

Criminal Records include details of a person’s interaction with the law enforcement agencies such as the police and the Court.

There are many reasons one wants to access arrest, criminal, and background checks.

An employer might want to access criminal and arrest Records of his future employee, or people who want to hire caretakers or helpers at their home want to know their details before hiring. 

Here is the list of general information that is included in the criminal Record:

  • Personal details of criminal such as his name, date of birth, gender, and nationality
  • A complete set of his fingerprints
  • Mug shot
  • List of unique features of his body such as tattoos
  • The type of crime he has committed, along with its description

In the U.S. Virgin Island, you can access arrest and a criminal Record by filling out and submitting a formal request form.

However, Background checks are administered by the United States Virgin Islands Police Department.

U.S. Virgin Inmate and Jail Records

You cannot access inmate and jail Records online in the U.S. Virgin Irelands. The USVI police department administers them. 

Moreover, there are two detentions, St. Thomas and S.T. Croix. 

Court Records in U.S. Virgin Islands

The following information is included in the court Records:

  • Orders of the Court
  • Case files
  • Court minutes
  • Witness documentations
  • Dockets
  • Witness documentations
  • Jury Records and files

There are two websites. One is of district Court, and the other is of superior Court.

Moreover, mostly the use superior court websites for family, criminal, civil, probate, and traffic Records.

There are no other search websites available for court Records in U.S. Virgin Islands. But you can request for a Record search to Acting Clerks of the courts.

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Vital Records in U.S. Virgin Islands

Vital Records are the Records of the most important life events such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce.

There can be many reasons people want to attain vital Records, such as they need birth certificates for school admission and death certificates for resolving property matters.

Whatever the reason is, attaining vital Records in U.S. Virgin typically depends on what type of Record you need, and it depends on the place where that event took place. 

To get the Record, you must be eligible for it. In short, only a Record owner, legal guardians, parents, or legal representatives can access the vital Records.

The following information is needed to get vital Records:

  • A person’s full name along with the maiden name
  • Location of that event
  • Date of that event
  • License no for marriage certificates
  • The case file number for the marriage certificate

Birth Certificates

In the U.S. Virgin Island, birth certificates are available from date 1906 to the present.

Nevertheless, you can get birth certificates by sending an application with payment at the Department of Health, Vital Statistics, Knud Hansen Complex, S.T.Thomas, VI 00802. 

Marriage Certificates

You can get a marriage certificate by sending a request to the Clerk of the Territory Court of the Virgin Islands, Family Division, P.O. Box 70, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, VI 00801.

Moreover, they charge $2 for a marriage certificate on order through money order from the Court.

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Death Certificates

In the U.S. Virgin Island, you can get death Certificates from 1906 to the present date.

However, to get a death certificate, send your application along with payment to the Department of Health, Vital Statistics in St. Thomas.

Divorce Certificate

You can get a divorce certificate from the courts. The fee for a divorce certificate is $5.

Moreover, you can send the divorce certificate application to Clerks of the Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a non-citizen apply for U.S. Virgin Island Public Records?

No, a non-citizen cannot apply for U.S. Virgin Island Public Records.

Is there any Record custody in U.S. Virgin Island?

Yes, there are Record custody in U.S. Virgin Island that Record-keeping agencies maintain.

What is the fee for Public Records?

They charge $2 for a marriage Record and $5 for a divorce certificate. 

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