Top 5 Reverse Address Lookup Websites

Are you looking for a way to find out who lives at an address? Maybe you’re trying to find a lost friend or relative, or perhaps you’re just curious about your neighbors. 

Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways to reverse lookup an address. 

Read on to learn about the top five reverse address lookup websites.

Top 5 Reverse Address Lookup Websites
Top 5 Reverse Address Lookup Websites

What Is A Reverse Address Lookup Website?

A reverse address lookup website is a site that helps you find out the name and other information associated with an address. 

This can be useful for many purposes, such as finding out who lives in a new neighborhood, locating long-lost friends or family members, or just satisfying your curiosity about your neighbors.

Reverse address lookup websites work by taking an address and searching public records to find out who owns the property. 

This information is usually gathered from tax assessor records, voter registration rolls, and other public databases.

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5 Best Reverse Address Lookup Websites

1. Instant Checkmate — Best Overall

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a service that allows users to look up people’s addresses and personal information.

It may also find registered criminals in any location by carefully entering their home address on the search service. 

You can use this service to find specific information about a target by using their home address. 

The report contains information such as the target individual’s residence, identification, criminal history, background history, and current location, among other things.

The user needs to enter the target’s address and the area in which he lives in the search window in order to get information. 

After this, the website will start displaying the target’s information, such as his previous and present addresses, identification, criminal history, and so on. 

Instant Checkmate allows users to easily conduct a background check on a target by using their home address. 

Users have easy access to the target’s social media accounts, criminal history, addresses, contact information, and other personal details. 

Anyone who wishes to perform a quick background check on a target can enter the target’s address and know if the target has a criminal record.


  • Shows all the information in just one click
  • Provides accurate information 
  • Unlimited background checks
  • Easy to use


  • Reports take too long to load
  • Expensive

2. Spokeo — Best For Detailed Reports


With Spokeo, you’ll get quick and easy access to various records and background check information. 

Spokeo includes a large database with millions of records for people to search. The platform, which began as a social media network in 2006, has developed into a strong reverse address search engine. 

It’s also an effective way to look up fraudster phone numbers.

Spokeo’s search engine feature was introduced in 2010, and the corporation has been collecting data since then. 

Once you pay for a monthly data plan subscription, the site provides a thorough report on any entered address. 

Although there is a free version, it has limitations in terms of information availability.

The site also has a geo grouping feature that makes it simple to aggregate search results based on location. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Useful mobile app
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Easy to use


  • Free trial has limited features
  • Costly

3. Intelius — Best User-Friendly Service


Intelius is a reverse address lookup service that provides address lookup services by requiring your target’s residential address.  

You can quickly obtain complete information on a specific person by simply entering their home address. For its users, this service is easy and convenient.

You can use Intelius as a background finder program to learn about your neighbors who have recently relocated to a new location near you. 

By simply entering a person’s home location and the state in which they reside, the app is able to determine their identity and previous history.

The app is a database that contains information on people and their relationships with their families and friends. 

Intelius can find criminal offenses on the target individual using public information and national databases. 


  • Affordable
  • Provides accurate information
  • Mobile app available
  • Provides unlimited data and search


  • Confusing trial options
  • Takes time to load results

4. Truthfinder — Best Affordable Reverse Address Lookup Service


Truthfinder delivers clear and well-aggregated person search data. The site is highly user-friendly, and its low-cost monthly search bundle makes it a must-try for anyone. 

A noteworthy feature of Truthfinder is the speed with which the support team answers user inquiries. 

Your search report will include places, names, locations, and other helpful information about the target person. 

Significant Report Content is a site reporting function that delivers in-depth data, but it’s only available as a paid membership. 

You will be able to access locations, addresses, and various other types of data with this report.

Truthfinder is the ideal reverse address lookup phone number because of these features.


  • The interface is simple to use
  • Provides quick access to reports and data
  • Database with billions of approved person search entries


  • Cannot download single reports
  • Results are not organized

5. Addresses — Best For Accurate Results


Addresses is another reverse address lookup service that can be used to learn more about current or previous residents and the property owner of homes and businesses using a certain street address.

The user simply needs to type in the target’s address, and the site will show you the person’s criminal background and any litigation filed against him.

To get accurate results, you must be certain of the target’s home address, street address, postcode, and city name.

With addresses, you can get a complete address history based on public sources. The user can learn about the neighborhood by just entering the street address.


  • Well-organized data report interface
  • Affordable plans for long-term users
  • Easy to use
  • Shows the living area of the target person


  • Provides limited information 
  • Pages are filled with ads


The services mentioned above are all great options when looking for the best reverse address lookup websites. 

Whether you want to learn about your neighbors or learn more about someone’s criminal background or property history, these sites provide accurate and user-friendly information. 

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Are reverse address lookup services accurate?

Reverse address lookup services are accurate if you have the correct information about the person you are searching for. 

Be sure to enter the full address, including the street name, city, and state.

How can I find out who lives at an address for free?

There are a few ways to find out who lives at an address for free. One way is to use Google Maps. Simply enter the address into the search bar and see if any results appear. 

If the person you are looking for has a public Facebook profile, you can also try searching for them on the social media site.

Should I use a paid reverse address lookup service?

It depends on the type of information you are looking for. A paid service may be the best option if you need access to historical records and detailed property information. 

If you are just looking for general information about the address or current residents, there are free alternatives available.

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