Orange County Public Records 2022

Orange County is located in the heart of Florida, in the United States. Orange County respects the public’s right to access public records that the city creates and maintains in the course of activities.

We’ll teach you all you need to know about Orange County Public Records in this post.

Orange County Public Records
Orange County Public Records-Worth It?

What Does The Law OF Florida State About Public Records?

According to the Florida Public Records Act, the City aims to offer transparent service, including prompt access to requested records.

Your request must be targeted and detailed enough for the City to discover the record you’re looking for.

Within 10 days of receiving a public records request, the City must assess whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public documents in the City’s possession.

How Can I Get Public Records In Orange County?

Most of the Orange County Records are available online. According to the Florida Public Records Act, the City strives to provide transparent service, including timely access to requested records.

Complete the County of Orange Clerk-Recorder Vital Records. Get form or go to their website County of Orange Clerk-Recorder to request birth, death, and/or marriage certificates.

Click on City of Orange E-TRAKIT online services to get access to the city’s construction permit and project information.

Please file a Request for Public Records form if you are unable to locate a record online.

Criminal Records

All arrest records created by law enforcement agencies are available to the public, pursuant to the Florida Public Records Act.

Anyone who wants to see Orange County public arrest records should contact their local police department. 

Requests for record searches can be submitted in person at any Justice Center’s Criminal Operations Department.

To request a record search provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • the case number
  • complete name
  • date of birth
  • driver’s license numbers if available
  • location and date of violation

What Is There In The Orange County Criminal Record?

Orange County Criminal Record contains a list of criminal convictions. It contains the record from 14 jails of Orange County.

All criminal convictions are listed in the record, along with the date of the conviction, the charges, the punishment, and whether the offense was murder or any other crime.

A criminal record includes following information:

  • Personal data such as a person’s name, nationality, gender, and date of birth
  • A compilation of his distinguishing characteristics, including tattoos
  • A photograph of a suspect.
  • The sort of crime he committed, as well as a description of it

Where Can I Get The Orange County Criminal Record?

Requests for incident reports can be made in person, by mail, email, or by phone to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The requester can phone the Sheriff’s Office at (407) 254-7280 or submit a letter with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Sheriff’s Office.

 For in-person inquiries, the requester can also come to the office.

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Court Records

A Court information can be found in Orange County court records. All court records and paperwork entered in Orange County are kept by the Orange County Clerk of Courts.

It has a database with millions of court documents that may be seen for free.

What Is There In The Orange County Court Records?

Records for traffic, probate, family, civil, and criminal courts are among them.

The database contains court information for cases filed between 1990 and the present, as well as records for cases filed between 2009 and the present.

Where Can I Get Orange County Court Records?

The County Clerk accepts requests by mail, in person, and online for records not listed in the online database.

It may take up to 10 business days to complete a request due to the volume of requests received.

For online requests, the seeking party can use the Records Management portion of the County Clerk’s website to fill out a request form.

Inmate Records

The Orange County Prison system contains 14 jails. The inmate records contain data from these 14 jails.

Official files, prisoner information, and other data make up these documents.

What Is There In The Orange County Inmate Records?

  • This database contains information on persons who are presently incarcerated, such as their charges, bail amount, and booking photo.
  • Location of the convict
  • A mugshot
  • Custody Status

Where Can I Get The Orange County Inmate Record?

The Orange County Government preserves prisoner and jail data and posts some of them on its website.

The inmate locating tool may be used to locate an inmate who has been booked into one of the county’s jails.

In person, by letter, email, or phone, the public can obtain detainee and jail records.

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Vital Records

The recording of important events that occurred in Orange County is known as vital records. They contain birth records, divorce decrees, marriage records, and so on.

 Vital records can either be open or sealed, depending on the type of record.

What Do You Need To Get Orange County Vital Records?

Depending on the type of record and the number of copies requested, jurisdictions may charge a fee.

Before requests may be completed, applicants may be required to produce further documentation like:

  • A person’s full name
  • The location of the event and the date of the event
  • For a marriage record, the license number.
  • For a divorce record, case file no.

Where Can I Get Orange County Vital Records?

The Clerk of Courts keeps divorce records for Orange County, which may be seen on the Orange County Clerk’s website.

Anyone in need of a marriage record can go to the Request Court Records website and select a payment method.

Birth and death records are issued by the Florida Department of Health.

Applicants must have a valid state driver’s license, passport, ID card, or military identification with them. It also accepts mails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Orange County Public Records Free For Public Access?

No. Fee is demanded to gain access to Orange County Vital Records depending on the type of record and number of copies required.

Where Can We Find Orange County Public Records Online?

Orange County Public Records are available on

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