Oklahoma Public Records – Is it Legit or a Scam?

The age of digital era has eased our lives to new heights. You need to move forward and succeed with every passing minute. In old times, it took weeks to verify your records.

But with all the information is now available in few minutes if not seconds. In this article, we are going to tell you all about Oklahoma Public Records.

Consider the public records as a wealth of information. You may require your records for several reasons.

Applying for a job, getting married, adopting, and many more tasks require your clean records. 

Oklahoma Public Records
Oklahoma Public Records

The state of Oklahoma certifies your records to fulfill your need by giving access to Oklahoma Public Records. 


What does the law of Oklahoma Public Records say?

Getting access to the public records in Oklahoma may prove more accessible than you think! The state of Oklahoma believes that all power is inherent to the people of the state.

Anyone can access the Oklahoma public records as a general policy that defines their right to know and be fully informed about the government, its policies, and records without stating the purpose.

In easy words, you can have access to public records by paying a certain amount of reasonable fee. 

Oklahoma Open Records Act is the law to guarantee people’s right to access public records and ensure and facilitate the masses to efficiently acquire and review them whenever they need these records unless stated otherwise. 

However, two main pitfalls may restrict you from getting your desired record. 

  1. No time limit for the response time. Your request may take days, weeks, or even years without any reason. 
  2. There is no appeals process.

How can I get Public Records in Oklahoma? 

You can access the Oklahoma Public Records even if you are not an Oklahoma resident. Since they are open records, they are easily accessible through the website.

You can also request the documents by filling out a form and sending it to the particular department through mail, email, or by making a phone call. 

You can also apply in person, but it’s advisable to set an appointment by phone before showing up due to the pandemic going on.

Each department has different criteria for making a request, but the standard information is almost the same in every department.

Generally, all departments ask for some basic information which includes:

  •  Your complete information, name, mailing address, email id, and phone number.
  • The name of the document you require
  • Till when you need these documents, and
  • How to receive Oklahoma Public Records?  

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Oklahoma Criminal Records

You can prove your records clean by showing your clean background check. You can get the document by requesting a criminal record from the state.

The criminal record has become mandatory for many reasons.

Many volunteering organizations, churches, and charities ask for your criminal record before accepting your services as a volunteer. 

Other than that, people who want to foster kids require a background check, and sometimes a business venture also needs a background check before finalizing the details of a partnership. 

What does Oklahoma Criminal Record includes?  

The Oklahoma criminal record includes the complete data of all the interactions of an individual with the law.

These records are gathered from viable sources, including local police departments, courts, and the state prison system.

The document includes complete data of arrests, charges, court sentencing, and incarceration information.

The background check means the complete record of personal data, mug shots, fingerprints, and any other thing that distinguishes the masses.

Where can I get Oklahoma Criminal Records?

The Oklahoma criminal records are accessible at the OSBI’s (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) repository.

For quicker response, it’s better to make an online request to the online criminal history request portal.

The request can also be made by filling out a form, through fax or in-person, to the Bureau’s address in Oklahoma City.

You can make payments in cash, money order, check, or credit card. The request made via mail must include a postage-paid envelope too.

Oklahoma Court Records 

The court records make a vast difference while dealing with a particular case.

Moreover, it includes all the cases, including state, civil, criminal, or even appeal cases, can be accessed through Oklahoma State Courts Network.

What does Oklahoma Court Records includes?

The Oklahoma court records have every document about an individual’s criminal history. The authorities collect the complete data from all the court cases in a single file for further use. 

Typically, the information consists of: 

  • Dockets
  • court minutes
  • case testimony
  • Depositions
  • court order
  • sentencing
  • jury records and 
  • Witness documentation.

Where can I get Oklahoma Court Records?

Oklahoma State Courts facilitate the people by providing a searchable database of court records in Oklahoma.

You can search by name, case number, or court, including all the state courts, through a user-friendly website.

In case your search falls short, you can contact the numbers provided by the state to track down the desired detail.

If you can’t find your desired record, follow the procedure below:

  • Submit an online request through the Request for Records form
  • Wait for the confirmation of the fee due for ten working days
  • Make the payment
  • Wait for ten working days for processing upon the receipt of payment.

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Oklahoma Inmate Records 

Typically, you need to request an inmate record to clean up the documents when the case is closed.

All these records are maintained and updated from time to time. The inmate records additionally include the offender’s location within the state’s correctional centers, prisons, and county jails. 

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What’s included in The Oklahoma Inmate Record? 

The collected data about the inmate varies from state to state. The inmate’s record usually carries all the necessary information, such as

  • name, birthday, and gender
  • A mug shot
  • Inmate registration number
  • Jail transfer information
  • The location where the inmate is kept
  • Custody status

Where can I get the Oklahoma Inmate Record?

The inmates can be located via the online portal of The Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

The database instantly provides the record by entering the ID number or first and last name. The portal offers information on the case, sentence tenure, parole, and other relevant data. 

For additional records, you can contact the administrative assistant or records coordinator of the DOC Offenders Records Department.

You can also make your request by visiting their department which is in Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma Vital Records

This State has an office to maintain vital records. The vital records are a person’s data, including the history of all the important events like birthdays, death dates, marriage, and divorce. 

Whether you need to claim identity or citizenship, these records are precious for every aspect of your life.

You will require these records while going to school, college, name change, driver’s license, and even employment.

What is the requuirement to get Oklahoma Vital Records? 

Like all the other records, the interested parties provide only basic information to the Oklahoma State Vital Records Division to copy vital records.

Your required information is

  • A complete application
  • The location of the event
  • The date of the event
  •  full name of the person, including maiden name
  • Evidence of the relationship to the person for whom you are requesting records
  • Marriage certificate, as in case of name change after the marriage.

Where can I get Oklahoma Vital Records?


Oklahome State Vital Record Division maintained the Oklahoma Vital Records and is available for free.

You can access the birth records dating 20 years back and death records dating five years back.

A form is available to fill out the complete information to get vital records at a few dollars. The cost varies for non-residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a non-citizen apply for Oklahoma records?

Yes, a non-citizen can apply for Oklahoma records as stated in the policy.

What is the fee of the Oklahoma public record?

The fee is $20 for the first copy and $15 for each individual copy for residents of Oklahoma.

The online rates for non-state residents vary, and there is an additional fee in complex or ancient cases.  

In how many days do the authorities have to respond?

The state doesn’t specify a response time for requests, even though it is the public’s right to access records.

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