New Hampshire Public Records – Complete Information

New Hampshire has the right to know the law, but it is not easy to access the Records in New Hampshire because it does not have any custody where people can file their complaints.

In this article, we are going to tell about every record that you can get through New Hampshire Public Records.

New Hampshire Public Records
New Hampshire Public Records

We have collected all the details below regarding how you can attain information through New Hampshire.

What does the law of New Hampshire Public Records say?

The law of New Hampshire Public Records says that everybody has the right to know. It clearly states two points first its law:

First, Government agencies have to respond to people’s requests within five days. It helps people to attain information quickly.

The 2nd point in the law is that agencies cannot charge any processing fees to the people who want to access the information. It means that attaining information from New Hampshire is fast and cheap.

The law further states that only “citizens” can submit requests. However, it is unclear that by “citizen,” they mean citizen of New Hampshire or America.

The law does not have any formal appeal, which means that you have to file your complaint in Court if your request has not proceeded within five days. 

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How can I get Public Records in New Hampshire?

You can access some of the information online, while other details need a request form which you can submit via mail, email, or phone.

Generally, you will need the following information for submitting a request:

  • Your personal information such as name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.
  • The name of the document which you want to access
  • When do you need the document?
  • How do you want the document to deliver to you, via mail or email

Due to corona, offices are closed or have limited working hours, so if you want to go in person then, call before you go. You can also submit a request online.

New Hampshire Criminal Records 

Who wants to find New Hampshire Criminal Records? Employers want to find Criminal Records of their future employees before hiring them.

Charity organizations, churches, and volunteer agencies want to find out the Criminal Records of the volunteers before accepting their applications.

People who want to adopt or foster children seek their Criminal Records before adopting them.

Businesspersons who want to know the Criminal Record of their potential business partner

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What’s included in the New Hampshire Criminal Record? 

A New Hampshire Criminal Record includes all the interactions that a person has with the law enforcement agencies.

These details are gathered from local police departments, courts, and prisons.

Where can I get a New Hampshire Criminal Record? 

You can get a New Hampshire Criminal Record from the Criminal Record Unit of the New Hampshire department of safety.

For in-person, you can visit 33 Hazen Drive, Concord, Room 106A. You can also email your application.

You can also request your Criminal Record. For this, you will need a notary or peace of justice signature with a date and seal. 

New Hampshire Court Records 

The Court Records can reveal a lot of information to those who are handling a specific case.

There are several other reasons to want Court Records, but the most common cause is to tie the previous case with the new one.

What’s included in the New Hampshire Court Records? 

New Hampshire Court Records include Case testimony, dockets, sentencing, depositions, Court minutes, witness documentation, Court orders, and jury Records.

Where can I get New Hampshire Court Records? 

You cannot get the New Hampshire Records online and have to go in person to the local superior and circuit Courts to get them.

If you want to know more about getting Court Records from the circuit or superior Court, you can call at 1-855-212-1234.

If you want to know about getting Court Records from the New Hampshire Supreme Court, you can call at 603-271-2646.

New Hampshire Inmate Records

According to research, New Hampshire held almost 2701 Inmates in its prison systems and jails.

Who can seek Inmate Records? Well, employers can seek Inmate Records of their potential employer for taking risk-free decisions.

Crime victims can also seek Inmate Records to check the status of their offender.

What’s included in The New Hampshire Inmate Record? 

The New Hampshire Inmate Record includes the following information about Inmate s:

  • Name of Inmate 
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Custody status
  • Location
  • Inmate registration number
  • Mug shot

Where can I get a New Hampshire Inmate Record?

You can get New Hampshire Inmate Records from the official website of the New Hampshire Department of corrections.

There are on charges of it. It’s completely free.

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New Hampshire Vital Records 

Vital Records are the government Records of the most important life moments such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce.

Who can seek Vital Records? People who want to claim their citizenship or identity can pursue them.

What’s needed to get New Hampshire Vital Records?

There is some specific information that is required from people who want to get their The New Hampshire Vital Record, such as:

  • The full name of that person
  • Location and date of event
  • A license number for a Marriage Record
  • A case file number for the divorce Record

Where can I get New Hampshire Vital Records?

The New Hampshire Department of State, as a Division of Vital Records Administration, has all the information regarding obtaining New Hampshire Vital Records.

However, there is no way to get Vital Records online. You have to go in person to get them.

For birth records of more than a century old, death, marriage, and divorce records of more than 50 years old, go to the research room of The New Hampshire archives and Vital Records, 9 Ratification Way in Concord, New Hampshire.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a non-citizen apply for New Hampshire Public Records?

Technically no, but it is unclear that by “citizen,” they mean just citizen of New Hampshire or the citizens of America.

Is there any Record custody in New Hampshire?

No, there is no custody in New Hampshire.

What is the fee of the New Hampshire Public Record?

The fee for the first copy of the New Hampshire Public Record is $15, and after the first copy, the cost is $10

In how many days do they have to respond?

They have to respond within five days.

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