Michigan Public Records – Tested And Reviewed

Michigan is the state of the United States.  It is famous for fishing. Forestry is another famous industry of it as 90% of Michigan is covered with trees.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Michigan Public Records and also vital, criminal, court, and inmate records.

Michigan Public Records
Michigan Public Records

It is the only state that touches four out of five great lakes. Anywhere you will stand in Michigan, you will no longer be away from the great lakes. 

Michigan is one of the top out of 15 states with the highest violence rate, whereas its property crime rate is below the national level.

It is accredited with the Michigan Freedom of information Act (FOIA). According to this law, this state allows the people to access almost 89 million Public Records.

What does the law of Michigan Public Records say? 

The law of Michigan Public Records says that you don’t have to be a citizen of Michigan to access its general information non-citizens can also access it. 

The law does not say how long agencies take to respond to the requests; however, it says that the Record-keeping agencies should respond to the requests “promptly” and process them within one week.

If a request is rejected, there is no organization to complain to, so people have to file it to the Court.

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How can I get Public Records in Michigan? 

Some Public Records can be accessed online, while you have to submit a proper request for others. You can send your request via mail or email.

Your request should include the following information:

  • Your personal information such as, name, phone number, mailing address, and email address.
  • The name of the document which you want to access, along with as much information about that document as you can put.
  • A specific time frame at which you want that document to be delivered to you.
  • The medium of delivery, how you want it to deliver to you, such as via mail or an email.

Due to Covid-19, offices are closed or have limited working hours, so if to submit your request in person, then make sure to call them beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. In this case, you can also submit your request online.

Criminal Records 

It is very easy to access Criminal Records in Michigan due to the Freedom of information Act (FOIA). All information about the crimes is electronically kept, filed, and printed. 

What’s included in the Michigan Criminal Record? 

Criminal Records include information about a person’s interaction with the law enforcement agencies such as police and Court.

Furthermore, the information within the Criminal Record can vary from state to state. Here is the information that is included in the Michigan Criminal Record:

  • A person’s name, date of birth, gender, and nationality
  • A mug shot
  • List of unique features of his body such as tattoos
  • A complete set of fingerprints
  • A kind of offense he has committed with the description of it

Where can I get Michigan Criminal Record? 

Michigan State Police maintains the Criminal Records. You can get them online via the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT)

You can search them by either fingerprints or the name of a person.

Most of the Criminal Records are requested via mail or email. Along with accessing Criminal Records online, the law also allows the public to inspect and copy the documents.

Court Records 

These provide information such as Court hearings, transcripts, and other legal documents.

What is in the Michigan Court Records? 

  • Dockets’
  • Court minutes
  • Judgmental documentations
  • Case files
  • Case files
  • Witness documentations 
  • Jury Records and files 

Where can I get Michigan Court Records? 

Luckily, these records have an online database. You can easily access them online via the official website of Michigan Court Records.

You can also access it by entering by attorney’s name or party name.

Also, keep in mind not all cases are available online. Some of them might be confidential because of different reasons.

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Vital Records 

These records are the Records of the most important events of people’s life such as birth, marriage, death, and divorce.

Government agencies maintain a Record of these events. People might want them for identification and citizenship claim.

What is the requirement to get Michigan Vital Records?

  • The full name of a person who is applying for the certificates, including his maiden name
  • Location of the event
  • When it happened, an approximate date
  • The license no for marriage certificate
  • The case number for a divorce certificate

Where can I get Michigan Vital Record? 

You can order Vital Records online through a credit card or debit card, or you can also print the application and mail it.

Because of Covid-19 offices are generally closed or have restricted working hours. Keeping that case in mind, if you want to go in person to get the certificates, call them before you go.

In this situation, you should order your certificate online.

Inmate Records 

The law enforcement, courts, and prosecutors maintain and keep in the correctional facilities all the records of 83 Michigan counties.

What is in the Michigan Inmate Records? 

The general public can access the following information:

  • An Inmate’s personal information such as name, date of birth, and gender
  • Inmate location
  • A mug shot
  • Custody status
  • Inmate registration number
  • Jail transfer information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to record someone in Michigan?

It is not illegal to record a conversation that you are a party to in Michigan because the statute makes it illegal to eavesdrop on a conversation.

If you’re a party to the conversation that you record then you can’t be eavesdropping.

Where can I find free public records online?

Many jurisdictions are making their recent public records accessible for free on the Internet.

You may be able to find free public records at the website of the clerk of the court, sheriff’s office, registrar of deeds, and department of vital records.

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