Hillsborough County Public Records – Know Everything

Hillsborough is a county located in Florida and it’s the most populous outside of the Miami metropolitan area.

It’s part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area and the largest city in Tampa. 

In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Hillsborough County Public Records.

Hillsborough County Public Records
Hillsborough County Public Records

The county is governed by a County Commission made of 7 members; four are from single-member districts, while three are elected countrywide.

There are several agencies in the county that provide law enforcement to the residents; some of these agencies are also the ones that keep official public records (for example, the Hillsborough County SHeriff’s Office).

However, each category of public record is in different department, so you need to know where to search.

Can I get access to Public Records in Hillsborough County? 

Like in the rest of Florida, every citizen in Hillsborough County has the right to search, view, and get a copy of any non-confidential public record, after making a proper request.

The government agencies generates public records and may include birth and death certificates, criminal records such as arrest records or sex offenders information, court records, and more. 

Different County departments generate and maintain different categories of records and legal documents.

Based on the public records you need, you want to make your request to the specific department of reference.

However, if you don’t know which department or agency you should ask to, you can use the web platforms at your disposal that lead you to the right agency or agency website based on the type of search you want to make.

For example, you can simply click on “Get a birth certificate” and you automatically reach to the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office’s website.

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How Can I Get Access to Public Records in Hillsborough County? 

The quickest and easiest way to get access to public records in Hillsborough COunty is online.

Even though you need to visit the website of the agency that keeps the specific category of documents you’re looking for, there are a lot of platforms and websites available that can ease your search.

On these websites, like countyoffice.org, you can browse the different departments and see what type of records they generate and keep.

Some of these websites aren’t related to government agencies, but they still offer a useful service redirecting you to the proper government agencies. 

In any case, when you want to submit a request, you need to do it formally on the Hillsborough County official website for public records requests. 

There are also other ways to submit your request: you can either mail or communicate verbally your request to a County employee and receive a paper copy (or electronic format) of the record.

This is a slower way of obtaining what you need and it’s also more complicated because you need to know which agency is keeping the type of record you need.

This old-fashioned way of requesting public records also requires fees: they depend on the number of copies you need since the expense is related to the searching and printing process. 

What are Criminal Records? 

Criminal records in Hillsborough County are official documents that keep an individual’s misdemeanors, traffic, felonious offenses within the jurisdiction of the county. These documents are public unless it’s specified by law. 

How can I get access to Hillsborough County Criminal Records? 

Hillsborough County criminal records are available at the Sheriff’s Occide and the Clerk of Court & Comptroller. 

You can get access to criminal records online, through the HOVER (Hillsborough Online Viewing of Electronic Records – the web platform made available by the Clerk of County & Comptroller – or by submitting your request – in person or via email – to the appropriate department. 

Each search costs $24. This fee also includes all the processing fees. 

Hillsborough County’s list of Sex Offenders 

The list of sex offenders and the relating data and information are available to the public in Hillsborough County.

The register is searchable on the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) website. 

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What are Court Records? 

All official documents generated by courts in the county are included in the Hillsborough County Court Records.

Moreover, these documents contain information about criminal, probate, traffic, and civil proceeding that have taken place within the jurisdiction.

However, the records can be paper copies of the case files, transcripts, orders, indexes, and more. Also, electronic copies are available to the public. 

Court records in Hillsborough County are available at the Clerk of the Courts & Comptroller.

Moreover, there is a website platform available for online searches and electronic viewing of documents.

However, you need to register – as a citizen or an attorney. To get access to the documents you’d like to view or get a copy of. 

Some court records however may not be available for the public.

Moreover, Court records related to victims of abuse or other delicate situations are made confidential by law.

Other than online, court records are also available the old way. You can get in printed copy after a written request to the Clerk of the Courts & Comptroller office.

In this case, however, you will have to pay a fee to cover the printing costs. 

Property records

The records of property in Hillsborough County are also public.

They are available at the Hillsborough County Appraiser’s Office that also provides a web platform for online search. 

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Other public records available in Hillsborough county 

The other official documents that are available to the public in Hillsborough County include the following: 

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Marriage records
  • Vital records 
  • Arrest records 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What circuit is Hillsborough County FL?

The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida serves Hillsborough County.

The main location of the 13th Judicial Circuit is at 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida 33602.

Where can I find free public court records?

You may be able to find free public records at the website of the clerk of the court, sheriff’s office, registrar of deeds, and department of vital records.

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