Harris County Public Records [2022] – User Guide

Harris County is in the state of Texas in the United States. It is Texas’s most populated county as well as the third-most populated in the United States.

It’s named after John Richardson Harris, who built the town of Harrisburg in 1826.

The Freedom of Information Act was passed by the United States government, making public information available to citizens.

Locating Harris County public records can be quite challenging.

So, in this guide, we’ve assembled all of the information about North Dakota public records to make it easier to find them.

Harris County Public Records
Harris County Public Records – User Guide

What Does The Law Of Harris County Public Records Say?

According to the law of Harris County, all records should be accessible to the general public, with no limits on their inspection or use. This state follows the “right to know” statute.

The Texas Public Information Act guarantees public access to Harris County public records, which include information contained in every open and non-confidential government or agency document.

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How Can I get Public Records In Harris County?

Public records for Harris County can be obtained by visiting the district court. A person might also order them online.

The Harris County District Clerk’s internet page allows anyone to get copies of public records.

If someone just wants to look at the documents online, they may do so by browsing the Harris County public records database.

The following information is required:

  • Your name, phone number, email address, and address.
  • Name of the paper you seek, along with as many details as you can.
  • When are you going to require the document? Give a definite timeframe.
  • Do you like to receive that document in the mail or by email?

Criminal Records

Criminal records in Harris County are a record of how many times a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime.

They can go back as far as the individual has lived in Harris County. 

There could be a variety of reasons why someone would want to obtain criminal records:

  • One of the most common reasons for obtaining that information is for a job application.
  • Another reason someone might desire their criminal records is to apply for a rental property.
  • The individual may also need the records for a crucial court case. Some people want their records so that they can apply for special licensing, while others desire them for personal reasons.

What Is There In The Harris County Criminal Record?

Criminal records in Harris County are official documents that detail a person’s criminal history in the county. Criminal records in Harris County are open to the public. 

Following are included in Harris County Criminal Records:

  • A person’s identification data, such as name, date of birth, social security number, sex, race, height, and weight.
  • Information on the arrest, such as the arresting agency, the date of the arrest, and the charges.
  • The final judicial decision by a court, prosecutor, or other criminal justice agency, as well as custodial information on the subject of the criminal history.
  • Details of minor and felony crimes, indictments, and non-expunged criminal convictions.

Where Can I Get A Harris County Criminal Record?

Arrest data for Harris County are obtained from law enforcement organizations such as the sheriff’s department, courts, and correctional institutions. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) is in charge of keeping track of and disseminating criminal records in the state.

The TDPS criminal database is available online to requestors.

They can also seek Harris County criminal records in person or by mail by calling the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Court Records

Records compiled by local courts Court records in Harris County are public documents that can be obtained by anybody who makes a request.

What Is There In The Harris County Court Records?

  • Documents from civil, criminal, and family law cases
  • Documents pertaining to cases
  • Jury files and records
  • Documents from witnesses
  • Documents from the court of appeals

Where Can I Get Harris County Court Records?

For searching and accessing these papers, the District Clerk’s Office provides an online interface. Users must first enroll on the website.

Requestors can access court papers as well as downloadable excerpts of civil, criminal, and traffic case records for all 16 Justice Courts.

Inmate Records

The Harris County Jail, which first opened in 2004, has a capacity of 42 prisoners. Other counties’ convicts are housed in Harris County.

Official files, prisoner information, and other data make up Inmate records.

What Is There In The Harris County Inmate Record?

  • The arrestee’s entire name, birth date, gender, and nationality/ethnicity are all included in Harris County inmate records. 
  • The location and time of the arrest
  • The specifics of the alleged offense
  • The name of the arresting officer or the person who issued the warrant of arrest is all included.

Where Can I Get A Harris County Inmate Record?

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of running the jails in the county. It also keeps track of the convicts who are kept in the jails.

The repository is accessible over the internet. Anyone may look for convicts by name in the internet database. 

Vital Records

Vital records include birth certificates, marriage licenses, separation agreements, divorce certificates, and death certificates held under governmental authority.

Texas Department of Public Health keeps the divorce, marriage, birth, and death records.

What Do You Need To Get Harris County Vital Records?

  • A person’s full name, including his maiden name
  • The location of the event and the date of the event
  • The license number for a marriage record
  • Casefile for a divorce record

Where Can I Get The Harris County Vital Record?

Texas Department of Health maintains records for divorce, marriage, birth, and death that occur in the state. 

The cost of Harris County birth records is $22. To receive birth records, requestors must produce valid copies of their government-issued identification.

Individuals who are eligible can get death records by completing a request form and submitting it to the Texas Vital Records Department of State Health Services.

The cost of verifying marriage and divorce documents in Harris County is $20.

Individuals who want certified copies of Harris County marriage records can contact the Harris County Clerk’s office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Harris County Public Records Completely Free?

The county may charge a fee and demand applications and forms of identification.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Requested Harris County Public Records?

The information is released usually within 10 working days.

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