Franklin County Public Records [2022] – All You Need To Know

Franklin County is located in the state of Ohio in the United States.

A trip to Franklin County is a trip to “the world’s moonshine capital” and “the wettest county on the planet.”

By an act of the General Assembly, the county was founded in 1786 from sections of Bedford and Henry Counties.

It was named after Benjamin Franklin, the governor of Pennsylvania, the state from which many of the immigrants came.

The Freedom of Information Act was passed by the United States government, making public information available to citizens. Franklin County Public Records are challenging to find.

In this post, we have summed up all the information you need regarding Franklin County Public Records.

Franklin County Public Records
Franklin County Public Records

What Does The Law Of Franklin County Public Records Say?

In accordance with the Ohio Open Documents Law, Franklin County makes non-confidential public records available online and in person.

Franklin County Public Records include crime data, police reports, the sex offender registry, court documents, and vital information.

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How Can I Get Public Records In Franklin County?

You may receive Franklin County Public Record information by going to the office or looking up the record on the internet.

You can make a personal request to the record-keeping authorities if you are having problems obtaining information online.

If everything else fails, send a formal email to the director of the department. The format should be as follows:

  • Name, email address, phone number, and address 
  • The requested document’s specifications
  • Which technique do you prefer: email or postal mail?
  • The precise time limit in which you want the document

Criminal Records

Criminal records maintain track of how many times a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime in Franklin County.

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to get criminal records:

  • A job application is one of the most prevalent reasons for getting that information.
  • Another reason someone would want their criminal records is if they want to rent a house.
  • The records may also be required for a critical legal case. Some people want their records for particular licensing purposes, while others want them for personal reasons.

What Is There In The Franklin County Criminal Record?

Criminal records in Franklin County are official papers that offer information about people’s criminal history in the county.

These are some of them:

  • Subject’s data
  • Physical description
  • Criminal offenses (felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions)
  • Fingerprints and photocopies of mugshots
  • Apprehensions and warrants
  • Convictions, indictments, and punishments

Where Can I Get A Franklin County Criminal Record?

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) is a central database for criminal data that makes data accessible to the Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS).

Criminal records for Franklin County can be obtained locally by doing criminal record checks with the Sheriff’s Office.

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Court Records

Court records contain documents, court judgments, and detailed information about offenders.

Regardless of whether you are a citizen or not, you have easy access to Franklin County Public Records under state law.

What Is There In The Franklin County Court Record?

Franklin County Court Records constitute 

  • Audio transcripts
  • Electronic files
  • Dockets
  • Case Files
  • Witness Files
  • Judgment rolls, and other evidence of court activities.

Where Can I Get Franklin County Court Records?

The Franklin County Clerk of Courts is in charge of keeping track of these courts’ records.

On a dedicated Case Information Online Portal, the Clerk’s Office makes court documents available. 

It may be used to look for records from the Court of Appeals and the Civil/Criminal and Domestic divisions of the Court of Common Pleas.

Use the General Case Index website to find documents from the Franklin County Probate Court.

Inmate Records

There are 8 jails and prisons in Franklin County, Ohio. Each jail can house up to 200 inmates. 

Inmate records include official files, prisoner information, and other data.

What Is There In The Franklin County Inmate Record?

Franklin County Inmate Records include

  • General information about the subject, such as his or her name, principal charge, booking agency, and arrest date.
  • Offense descriptions, the arrest narrative, and warrant information.

Where Can I Get A Franklin County Inmate Record?

Franklin County Public Records, such as incident and accident reports, are also available via the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

An accident report costs $4. Other documents are subject to regular copy fees, which the Sheriff assesses at 5 cents per page.

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Vital Records

Vital records include birth certificates, marriage licenses, separation agreements, divorce certificates, and death certificates possessed by the government.

In Franklin County, the Columbus Public Health Department’s Office of Vital Statistics records, preserves, and issues copies of birth and death certificates.

Certified copies of marriage documents are issued by the Probate Court and divorce records by the Domestic Relations Division of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

What Do You Need To Get Franklin County Vital Records?

If you want to get vital records of a particular person, you should have the following information about that person:

  • Name, including maiden
  • Date and place of the event
  • Marriage license number
  • Divorce file number

Where Can I Get Franklin County Vital Records?

Visit the Probate Court Marriage Department at 373 South High Street, 23rd Floor, Columbus, Ohio, to get the certified copies of Franklin’s marriage public documents in person. They can also be requested by mail. 

For Franklin County Divorce Records, send a written letter to the Clerk of Courts indicating the sort of record needed, such as a decree, certified or uncertified copies, and so on.

Visit the Office of Vital Statistics at 240 Parsons Avenue in Columbus, Ohio to get birth and death certificates. The fee for each certified copy of a certificate issued is $25.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Franklin County Public Records Free?

Some of these records can only be obtained by paying fees, filling out applications, and supplying identifying information.

Are Property Records Available To The Public In Franklin County?

Property records in Franklin County are open to the public under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law.

Requests for Franklin County property records should be sent to the county’s record keeper.

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