Florida Public Records Is this Legit or a Gimmick?

Florida is a state that is located in the southeastern part of the U.S. It has 21 million populations and is considered the 3rd most populated state of the United States. In this article, we are going to tell you about all the things about Florida Public Records.

Florida Public Records
Florida Public Records

Just like any other state, Florida also has a system for keeping its Public Records. As a citizen of Florida, you can access these Records.

What does the law of Florida Public Records say? 

The law of Florida called “Sunshine Law” states that any Public Records received or made by the Public agencies have to be first exempted by the Florida legislature. This law is in the Chapter 286 of Florida statutes.

This law contains access to Records such as books, films, photographs, maps, papers, taps, and sound recordings stored in the computers.

How can I get Public Records in Florida? 

You can get Public Records in Florida by submitting a request to the Public record coordinator in Tallahassee. You can request by phone, mail, or email.

Your request should include the following information:

  • Your personal information such as name, phone number, email, and address.
  • The name of the document that you want to access, along with its details.
  • A specific time at which you want the document.
  • How you want the document to deliver to you, such as email or mail.

If you want to request a person, it’s better to call them ahead because offices have restricted working hours during COVID-19.

There is a fee of $0.20 for a double-sided copy, but if the total cost would be under $7, there will be no fee.

Criminal Records 

Florida Criminal Records contain information on the Criminal activities of a person, such as arrest Records, offense history, conviction details, indictment history, and misdemeanor.

What is in the Criminal record of Florida?  

  • A person’s name, date of birth, gender, and nationality.
  • A list of unique features of his body, such as tattoos.
  • A mug shot
  • Name and description of the crime.

Where can I access Florida Criminal record? 

You can access Florida Criminal Records through the Florida Criminal History Record Check website. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement keeps this website’s record. 

The fee of Criminal record access for the Public is $25 per record. You can access it by entering a person’s full name.

Court Records 

Florida Court Records are Publicly available through the Sunshine Act. However, you would not be able to open the documents. This mostly happens when the information can put someone at risk. 

These records are with just one Court, but you can access them through different mediums such as the Supreme Court, circuits, appeals, and the county, but it totally depends on the place of case.

What is in the Florida Court Records? 

The information inside the Court record document can vary, but the Court Records of Florida can contain the following information:

  • Case files
  • Court minutes
  • Judgment documentation
  • Dockets
  • Jury Records and files
  • Court minutes
  • Witness documentations

Where can I get Florida Court Records? 

For people who have an interest in viewing Court Records in Florida, the state law suggests that they visit the Courthouses where the case is handle and request the document at the clerk’s office.

However, you can get some of the county Records online because counties maintain a record online most of the time. 

Inmate Records

These records contain detailed information about prisoners. These Records provide almost the same information as a Criminal record, but they also include specific details about incarceration time.

What is in the Florida Inmate record? 

The information included in the Inmate record varies from state to state. But the Inmate record in Florida can contain the following information:

  • A person’s details such as name, gender, and date of birth.
  • A custody status
  • Location
  • A mug shot
  • His Inmate registration number
  • Jail transfer details

Where can I get Florida Inmate record? 

You can get Florida Inmate Records from the Florida Department of state. They keep all Inmate and arrest Records. In addition, they have made a list of jails you can easily access these Records through accessing jail names.

Vital Records

These records contain information on the people’s most critical life events such as birth, marriage, death, and divorce. 

What is the requirement to get Florida Vital Records? 

To get Florida these records, a person must provide the following information:

  • Full name of a person and his maiden name
  • Location of the event
  • Date of the event
  • License no for a marriage record.
  • Case no for divorce Records 

Where can I get Florida Vital Records? 

You can access these records through the official website of the Florida Department of Health. 

You can attain the following Vital Records from their website:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates 
  • marriage Records
  • Death certificates
  • Death Records
  • Divorce Records

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a non-citizen apply for Florida Records?

Yes, both citizens and non-citizens can apply for Florida Records.

Is there any record custody in Florida?

In Florida, any person who has custody of Public Records must share them. So although he will not get a custodian title, people will still get access to this record.

What is the fee of the Florida Public record?

For a duplicate document, the fee is $0.15 per side and $0.20 for double sides of the document’s page.

In how many days they have to respond?

The Sunshine law states that the requests should be responded to “promptly,” but it varies depending on the type of document you are requesting.

Where to access additional Public Records of Florida?

To access additional Public Records of Florida, go to the Florida information locator. They have indexed dozens of information on Public Records. In addition, you can access any general information here.

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